Pikasso Jordan L.L.C. founded in August 2000, is a sister company of Les Affichages Pikasso sal, the leader in poster advertising in Lebanon since 1986. Pikasso Jordan L.L.C. is the specialist in poster advertising in Jordan. It holds the leading position through:- More than 900 panels 4X3, which cover the main cities.- 34, 14 X 4 unipoles covering all of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Pikasso Jordan L.L.C. operates according to the French philosophy in poster advertising, which principles are the following :- Superior quality of panels.- Judicious choice of locations.- Choice of the ideal format, the 4 X 3 for tactical campaigns, since it fits harmoniously into the urban environment .- Selling panels by networks, each network having its own characteristics.- Perfect quality in billposting to preserve the brand image of the clients and therefore make their messages stand out.- Daily maintenance of posters and panels.The poster advertising which meets all these criteria adds a touch of beauty to the cities and brings life to the streets. It has an artistic dimension through the creativity of posters, made by advertising agencies, that change weekly and make the event.Finally and above all, it is a symbol of the freedom of trade: from now on, all Jordanian advertisers will have at their disposal an excellent mean of information allowing them to communicate through a media of international standard.Jordan is the second advertising market in the Levant. By introducing networks of 4 X 3 panels and 14 X 4 unipoles, Pikasso Jordan L.L.C. will contribute efficiently to the development and the prosperity of the advertising industry in Jordan.Poster advertising is the big mass media of the XXI century. Used properly, its impact and efficiency are second to none.

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