About Us

mediaME.com is the first and leading portal for advertising and media professionals in the Middle East, boasting over 20,000 registered professionals. It is a user-generated content site, whereby users contribute creative work, jobs, media rates, company contact info, event info, news, press releases and more.

Today, it has the largest database of information on advertising and media in the Gulf, Levant and North Africa. mediaME has been utilized by many advertisers to reach this highly specialized audience, through banner campaigns, mail shots, newsletter advertising, site branding activities, advertorials and other tools. Click here to download the mediaME media kit.

mediaME.com has extended its services to include the organization of regional media events through the launch of the Annual mediaME Forum, a gathering of digital media buyers, sellers and marketers, first organized in November 2010. mediaME.com also serves its audience through mobile applications.


It's quite simple to participate:

1. Register a free account and become a mediaME member.

2. Contribute Your Content (Ads in the Creative Gallery, Job Postings, Events in the Agenda, Your Media's Rates, Your Company's Contacts, Your Opinion Articles .... ).

3. Gain Exposure to tens of thousands of marketing communications professionals inside and outside the Middle East!


About the Founder

Zeid Nasser zeid@mediame.com

mediaME.com is founded by Zeid Nasser. Mr. Nasser is an Arab marketing communications profesional with 15 years of experience, working for media companies. His company, MediaScope, is a leading publishing/event organizing/media marketing firm. He holds an MBA in Marketing and served as a 4-term Secretary General of the IAA Jordan (2000-2009) and is a well-known figure in the region's marketing communications industry. Mr. Nasser's business activities span the UAE, Jordan and the Levant region. 


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 [ Jordan ] Office +962 6 4610070

 info@mediame.com  or  advertise@mediame.com