Stockholders of at least 8% of Research in Motion call for company shake-up

Investment firm Jaguar Financial and some other shareholders owning at least 8% of Research in Motion are calling to oust the company's co-CEOs, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, who both own 10% of the company, and potentially sell BlackBerry to the highest bidder. Since last October, Research in Motion’s shares have went down 50% to $24.10, and have slid 58% since the beginning of 2011.
Speaking to Reuters, Jaguar’s CEO Vic Alboini said that he’d like to see RIM sold off or, at the very least, split into separate public companies; a network company, a device company, and a patents company. 
According to Bloomberg, none of RIM's "insiders" has bought shares on the open market since July 2010, instead, they have sold off stock "at least 11 times" during that period, signaling that they too might be worried about the company's future.
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