Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival launches UAE Contest

The administration of Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival, organized by Media Lab to be held during 20-25 April, announced the addition of a new contest within the Festival activities.

The contest is entitled "Environmental Films from UAE" and it aims at encouraging film makers and amateurs from UAE to produce specialized films in the field of environment to publically promote the importance of environment conservation to make earth a better place to live.

The administration pointed out that the contest, whose awards amount to ED 240 thousands, is divided into three sections that are the official contents of the three kinds of long and short films (narrative, documentary and animation), a contest for amateurs short films and a contest for best scenario. The judging committee of this contest comprises a president and four members elected by ADIEFF's administration.

With regard to the requirements of this contest, Mohammad Monier, President of ADIEFF, said that several requirements are to be complied with before applying for the contest. The requirements stipulate that the films must address issues related to UAE environment, produced in 2011 and 2012, a copy of the film must be sent for review, subscription form must be completed and the film brief must be submitted, taking into account that the final deadline for submission is March 30.

Monier added that ADIEFF's administration elected Pressman Amer Salmeen Al Marias a director of the contest. In addition to being a pressman, Salmeen is a president of a company specialized in artistic production and the Editor in Chief of "cinema vision" magazine, a UAE publication specialized in film industry and aims at shedding light at and supporting the generation of cinema.

In connection to the awards, ADIEFF's president said that the awards will be divided into three sections and a non-conventional award will be dedicated to the best scenario. ADIEFF undertakes to produce the best scenario selected by the committee and to support it financially by providing ED 200 thousands.

On the other hand, Salmeen said that the notion of "Environmental Films from UAE" stems from the importance of involving the local film makers with their regional and international peers. This will definitely contribute to the development of UAE film content, especially that we are tackling a significant aspect in film industry, which is specialized films that address a vital sector in our life: environment.

He added that this contest is a major component of the festival since it paves the way for amateurs and professionals to communicate with regional and international experts.

By conducting individual and exclusive sessions and seminars, everyone will be able to land on the most appropriate formula for the environmental film, assuring that a new generation of cinema fans began to establish a nice relation with the cinematic terminology that help in incorporating this specialized industry within the interests of youth and professionals.