Seagulls becomes strategic media operator for TAJ Lifestyle Center


Seagulls, one of the media service providers, has recently announced becoming the official media operator for the newly opened, multi-purposed, shopping complex, TAJ Lifestyle Center.

As part of the new partnership, Seagulls will be providing TAJ Lifestyle Center with a broad range of media solutions, which includes a diversified selection of indoor and outdoor advertising platforms.

To mark the occasion, Corporate Communications Executive of Seagulls, Ms. Samar Fayed, expressed, "Our strategic partnership with TAJ Lifestyle Center represents a new dimension expansion plan in the Jordanian market, and complements our aspirations to introduce the finest world-class media platforms that are cost-effective and assist our valued clients in achieving successful business results and tangible outcomes."

Ms. Fayed added, "We are proud to be part of Amman's latest lifestyle destination and we are looking forward to playing a central role in positioning the mega-mall's distinctive assortment of retail, dining and entertainment offerings through engaging cotemporary advertisement and modern digital content."

Ms. Fayed went on to say that Seagulls is confident that the vast advertisement and brand association opportunities available at TAJ Lifestyle Center will provide 3rd parties with an ideal location to showcase their distinguished brands.

Founded in 1995, Seagulls continues to push the boundaries of innovation in media solutions through unique delivery methods and carefully-planned growth strategies. Since its establishment, Seagulls has grown its business and has expanded to more than 4 subsidiaries and sister companies covering a range of disciplines that appeal to niche and mass audiences.

These entities include radio broadcast through Seagulls Broadcast, operators of two of Jordan's most dynamic and popular radio stations: Mood 92 and Beat FM 102.5. 

Seagulls is also the mother company of Seagulls OOH (Out of Home), a company that specializes in high impact indoor and outdoor advertisement solutions. In addition, Seagulls Communications FZ-LLC represents the firm's selling arm in heart of the regions key metropolis: Dubai, and has the outreach capacities to bring brands closer to powerful regional decision makers through increased exposure across the MENA region's leading advertising hub.