Toyota and Amman Filmmakers Cooperative launch the Yaris-AFC Mobile Movie Competition

The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC), inpartnership with Toyota-Jordan, announces the launch of the 1st Yaris-AFC Mobile Movie Competition to coincide with the Jordan ShortFilm Festival (JSFF'07), to be held from August 24-30, 2007.

A total of 3000 Euros have been committed to winning movies.

The competition seeks to capitalize on the rapid growth of ultra-portable and mobile phone video cameras and the growing interest in compact mobile movies.

"We see mobile movies as a potential bridge technology that will entice more people into the world of filmmaking,"

said Hazim Bitar, founder and director of the Jordan Short Film Festival and the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC).

"This is an opportunity to encourage budding talents from the early stages." Nadeem Haddad of Toyota-Jordan said "We are excited by the launch of this competition which underscores our company's commitment to ouryouth. We have chosen to associate this competition with our Toyota Yaris model because of the youthful energy this competition willgenerate."

The director of the Best Mobile Movie will win a prize of 1000 Euros. Second and third places will be awarded 500 and 300 Euros respectively. The financial awards will be given to filmmakersresiding in Jordan. Six additional movies will be selected to win 200 Euros each.

A jury of three young artists will vote on the submitted films and the winners will be announced during the awards ceremonies of the Jordan Short Film Festival 2007 on August 30, 2007. Deadline for mobile movie submission is August 15th, 2007.